Rebel Yellow (Feat. Ranier Maningding of Love Life of An Asian Guy)

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In one of our most insightful interviews to date, we chop it up with NextShark Editor-at-Large Ranier Maningding, better known as the man behind the social media phenom The Love Life of An Asian Guy. He dishes on how nearly every marginalized group adheres to the civil rights blueprints that Black people created, the responsibilities and loneliness that come with helming one of the only Asian-American platforms of its scale, how media whitewashing has impacted how Asian-Americans self-identify, how Black and Asian communities have been pitted against each other, and the complicated legacy of George Tekai's activism. Additionally, Jay is a sore loser, Alex is afraid of goblins, and Elaine Victoria can sing her entire ass off. Intro courtesy of @ElaineVictoria

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Love Life of an Asian Guy

An Extraordinary Thanksgiving Dinner Draft (Feat. Law Ware)

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If you thought fantasy football was serious, imagine replacing the NFL players in with your Thanksgiving menu. Which is exactly what the hell our hungry asses did. But did your Grandma's legendary mac and cheese make the cut? There's only one way to find out. Itis should separately.

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The Afterparty: "A Love Letter To Black Veterans" (Feat. Richard Brookshire of Reparations Podcast)

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We know, we know. It's been a minute since we hit ya'll with an Afterparty episode, but your prayers have been answered. So with Veterans Day on the horizon, we're joined by former combat medic and current Reparations Podcast co-host Richard Brookshire to deconstruct Obama’s military legacy, Richard's quest to maintain his Black identity despite his surroundings, the mistreatment of veterans by society as a whole, why Richard believes Micah Johnson was a martyr for racial justice, and how his military service felt like a lie. And to the courageous individuals in the Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard, as well as our military veterans, we are eternally grateful for your service and sacrifice. As well as the friends and family who keep them loved and uplifted over the course of their military careers. 

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"Heard It Through The Grapevine" (feat. Ashley Akunna of The GrapevineTV)

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Once upon a time, Ashley Akunna was so discouraged by the absence of Black Millennial representation on television that she created a web series to do something about it. Now one of the most popular web series out, "The Grapevine" features some of your favorite game changers, artists, cultural innovators, and professionals tackling the topics of today. And she joins us to discuss the importance of her platform, what she adds to the pantheon of Black women in media, and why we should stop blaming Millennials for every damn thing. Additionally, Jay offers to fix Chrisette Michele's life, Alex might put money on Justin Timberlake's head, and are we sure Takeoff wasn't left off of "Bad & Boujee?" Intro courtesy of Kevin Ross and additional music provided by sweetmelody602.

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