Dear Summer (Feat. Leigh Ann Hahn of Grand Performances & Traci Thomas of The Stacks Podcast)

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Intro By Amanda Seales & Brian Alexander Morgan Music By Jonny May, JP Soundz, & Marcel Summer is imminent and with it comes timely vacations, impromptu pool parties, and the triumphant return of sundresses. But lost in all the fun in the sun are the countless non-profit organizations sprinkled throughout the country that keep our communities thriving. So we're joined by Leigh Ann Hahn of Grand Performances to discuss the important roles that non-profits occupy within our communities, how philanthropy is essential, and why giving should hurt. Additionally, Alex has a new apartment, Jay still hasn't slept, and Rachel Dolezal is the welfare queen Black America refuses to claim.

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An Extraordinary Mother's Day Tribute: I Love My Momma (Feat. The Queens Who Raised Us

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 Get your kleenex ready. For our annual Mother's Day Blackstravaganza, our mothers (!!!!!!!) join us to discuss the many challenges they faced, the sacrifices they made, and even delve into some of their regrets and missteps in raising each of us. Additionally, we learn who's responsible for Alex's obsession with Janet Jackson, we unveil Jay's sordid cross-dressing past, and you'll get a little bit more insight into just how we grew up to become Extraordinary Negroes.  

We'll Name This Podcast Later

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A very special episode with two veeeeeeery special guests. Music provided by Michael Trapson, Marcel, & Ghost Beats.

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She's Gotta Have It (feat. Synitta Walker and Shamira Ibrahim of Very Smart Brothas)

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With The Internets abuzz after the debut of Spike Lee's update on his 1986 feature film debut, She's Gotta Have It, we felt it was only right to assemble the homies to discuss the show's portrayal of modern love in gentrified Brooklyn. We're joined by writer and Editor-In-Chief of TheExtraordinaryNegroes.com Synitta Walker and Shamira Ibrahim, contributor to Very Smart Brothas, Washington Post, and other outlets, to unpack the Netflix series, whether its take on sexuality and polyamory reflect dating in the 2000 and the 17, challenges in writing Millennial television characters, and healthy ways to juggle lovers.

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The Afterparty: "A Love Letter To Black Veterans" (Feat. Richard Brookshire of Reparations Podcast)

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We know, we know. It's been a minute since we hit ya'll with an Afterparty episode, but your prayers have been answered. So with Veterans Day on the horizon, we're joined by former combat medic and current Reparations Podcast co-host Richard Brookshire to deconstruct Obama’s military legacy, Richard's quest to maintain his Black identity despite his surroundings, the mistreatment of veterans by society as a whole, why Richard believes Micah Johnson was a martyr for racial justice, and how his military service felt like a lie. And to the courageous individuals in the Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard, as well as our military veterans, we are eternally grateful for your service and sacrifice. As well as the friends and family who keep them loved and uplifted over the course of their military careers. 

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From last year: The Afterparty: Veteran's Day (feat. Nickolas Gaines)

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