Mental Health Monday #61: Wayne Brady's Breakdown & Recovery plus Black folks & Alzheimer's, etc.

Actor Wayne Brady

Actor Wayne Brady

Welcome to another round of Mental Health Monday, your weekly dose of stories, resources, and motivation for your everyday life. On last week’s installment, Taraji P. Henson talked about her new mental health organization inspired by her father, hip-hop meditations from Cultural Ambassador Toni Blackman, the rise of completed and attempted suicides among Black folks, and a piece from Racebaitr on turning grief into joy. Have a gander.

Actor, host, and comedian Wayne Brady opened up about having what he described as a “complete mental breakdown” at the top of his career and how he bounced back and helped his soul glow: Wayne Brady: "I Had a Complete Breakdown"

“I was there by myself, in my bedroom and I had a complete breakdown,” said Brady. “Just go ahead and imagine for yourself a brother in his underwear, in his room, you got snot…and that birthday was the beginning of, ‘OK, I’ve got to make a change.’”

Dying Indifference: Confronting the Shame of Alzheimer's in Black Communities” by Marita Golden (Bitch Media)

Though the public face of Alzheimer’s is often an elderly white male, the fastest-growing group affected is Black women. Blacks and Latinx people are also developing the disease at increasing rates; no one is certain why, even as researchers search for a cure. In America, researchers receive paltry levels of support and work against continuing silence about and stigmatization of those with the disease.

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Meet The Black Doctor Using Instagram To Change The Perception Of Mental Health” by Siraad Dirshe (Essence)

“There’s much to be said about our social media habits. While some consider it a waste of time, others see it as a way to build community with like-minded individuals. It’s the latter that intrigues Dr. Jessica Clemons, affectionally called Dr. Jess by many of her 13K followers.

This psychiatrist, a medical doctor who diagnoses and treats mental illness, uses her platform to not only shine a light on the brilliant work she’s doing but more importantly to connect her followers with each other and create a safe digital space for Black people to learn, grow and #BeWell.”

How does evaluation for Alzheimer’s work? On the latest episode of Legitimate Matters, host William Parris talked to two doctors about why it’s a growing crisis among Black folks, the testing process, and what ongoing care looks like for affected patients.

Mental health now required to be part of curriculum in New York State schools” (News 10)

Students are required to learn about not only mental illness but also having positive relationships and learning self-management and resource management. 

"Giving kids that toolbox of how to regulate their own emotions, how to build resiliency, and how to practice self-care so they know what to do when there's a problem that's a little too big for them to handle," Purcell said. 


On the latest episode of (Black Men) Unburdened, Rashanii and Gerald are joined by Kyle and we discuss the divides that fathers have when fathering their daughters vs. fathering their sons, the Prom picture issue, the idea of ownership of your daughter, The Softball Effect (encouragement at all costs) in sports and more.

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