An Extraordinary Mother's Day Tribute: I Love My Momma (Feat. The Queens Who Raised Us

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 Get your kleenex ready. For our annual Mother's Day Blackstravaganza, our mothers (!!!!!!!) join us to discuss the many challenges they faced, the sacrifices they made, and even delve into some of their regrets and missteps in raising each of us. Additionally, we learn who's responsible for Alex's obsession with Janet Jackson, we unveil Jay's sordid cross-dressing past, and you'll get a little bit more insight into just how we grew up to become Extraordinary Negroes.  

The Afterparty: "Adventures in Motherhood" (feat. CaShawn Thompson and Tiffani Sheriff)

In this special Afterparty dedicated to the givers of life, we're joined by doula, mother, blogger, and creator of the "Black Girls Are Magic" merchandise line CaShawn Thompson and brand consultant, mother, and dancer Tiffani Sheriff to discuss raising awesome children, self-care amidst selflessness, and the challenges of developing your own parenting style.

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