Extraordinary Negro of the Day

Back To The Motherland (Feat. Myra & Delvecchio Parks of The Repat Diaries)

Since we’re days away from our legendary block party in Wakanda and our collective excitement about our African heritage is arguably stronger than ever before, we chopped it up with Myra and Delvecchio Parks of The Repat Diaries. A married couple who grew tired of their monotonous life in America and decided to begin a new one in Simba’s backyard, The Motherland. They discuss the challenges of homeschooling their 5 year old son, the cultural differences they experienced in their new home, and the complicated dynamics of being accepted as an African-American by our continental brothers and sisters. Additionally, Alex didn’t exactly have the greatest weekend, Jay visited Wakanda and lived to tell about it, and Black Panther is exactly the movie every last one of us deserve.

Music courtesy of IceJJFish, Nimbus Vin, & Little Ry Mu$ic.

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