An Extraordinary Recap: Insecure - "Hella Perspective" (Feat. Dr. Joy Harden Bradford of Therapy For Black Girls & Law Ware)

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The season finale hath finally arrived. And to celebrate this momentous occasion, we brought back fan favorites Dr. Joy Harden Bradford of Therapy for Black Girls and philosopher/writing ass writer Law Ware for the ride. So enjoy as Law breaks down the anatomy of a sidekick, Jay fails miserably at recognizing closure, Dr. Joy considers exes imaginary friends, and Alex is a proponent of gratuitous sex.

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An Extraordinary Recap: Insecure - "Hella Disrespectful" (Feat. The Brown Liquor Report)

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With all the chaos and turmoil in this episode, you might need a drink or a seven. But since we're fresh out of bartenders, we brought along our extended fam DJ BlackShah, The Count, Jas Hands, and B. Fierce, better known as The Brown Liquor Report, to help us drink away the pain. So pour yourself something to drink and partake in our latest "Insecure" recap.

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An Extraordinary Recap: Insecure - "Hella Blows" (Feat. Dr. Joy Harden Bradford of Therapy For Black Girls)

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With so much to unpack in this episode, we felt it was only right to bring in a therapist. So thankfully, Dr. Joy Harden Bradford of Therapy For Black Girls was up for the job. We dissect Molly's comfortability with the uncharted territory of an open relationship, Issa's "hocation" possibly meeting its abrupt end, and did Lawrence just realize he's an Affirmative Action hire? Like we said, it's a lot. So enjoy our recap.

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An Extraordinary Recap: Insecure - "Hella Shook" (Feat. George M. Johnson)

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In the latest installment of An Extraordinary Recap, we're joined by Broadway Black Managing Editor and chicken fried scribe George M. Johnson to discuss the latest and greatest in of the fifth episode of the second season of HBO's Insecure, "Hella Shook."

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