The Year of the Great Gush of Male Tears

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Chicago Bears linebacker Khalil Mack isn’t a football player, he’s a force of nature.

A 6-foot-3, 247-pound battering ram who torments offensive coordinators and inflicts carnage and cataclysm on blood and bone. He’s Halley’s Comet — the ever-elusive, generational talent who crash-landed on Earth just to obliterate offensive linemen and pulverize franchise quarterbacks into heaping mounds of debris.

But despite his supernatural trajectory — a career that so far has included 40.5 career sacks, a league-leading 185.5 quarterback pressures since being the fifth overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft and becoming the first player in league history to be named first-team All-Pro at both outside linebacker and defensive end in the same year — he was traded from the Oakland Raiders to the Chicago Bears on September 2, 2018, where he immediately became the recipient of a record-breaking six-year, $141 million contract extension.

His teammates bemoaned the move publicly, and the sports world descended into complete disarray as confusion and disbelief permeated every nook and cranny of Al Gore’s Internet. The prevailing thought was the same: Who in the hell trades Khalil Mack?

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Jay Connor

After a stint in the military and an extended crusade shepherding all of God’s children as a social worker, Jay Connor conceded to fate and relocated to Los Angeles in 2014 in order to chase the dream. When he’s not changing his son’s diapers or losing his grip on sanity while enduring 405 traffic, he’s a writer in the entertainment industry. Where currently he’s working on a number of projects, the most prominent being “Strange Angel”, a historical drama series produced by Ridley Scott’s Scott Free Productions that is set to air on the AMC Network in the near future.