Extraordinary Women Making History: Linda Sarsour is Unapologetically Muslim, Feminist, and Dope

Linda Sarsour.jpg

Linda Sarsour is bout that action.

Ask Paul Ryan. Whose office she was arrested outside of during protests urging Congress to oppose the dissolution of DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), a program that protects undocumented immigrants that meet certain criteria from deportation.

Ask the NYPD. Whose Intelligence Division incurred her wrath after she made it her personal mission to dismantle its discriminatory surveillance programs responsible for harassing community leaders, businesses, and mosques within the Muslim community.

Ask your President. Whose administration she’s vehemently opposed since his inauguration. Even going as far as to help organize one of the largest demonstrations in US history, The 2017 Women’s March.

I could run down her receipts all day.

Christened a Champion of Change by Obama's regime, Linda has dedicated her life not only to combating social injustice, but deploying intersectionality as one of her greatest weapons. In recognizing her as an Extraordinary Woman Making History during Women’s History Month, here are three of her greatest speeches in no particular order:

“Standing for Justice: Black Lives Matter” at the 15th MAS ICNA Convention

2017 Women's March on Washington

CAIR Georgia's 1st Annual Fundraising Banquet

You can learn more about Linda’s work here.

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