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Remember that time we rounded up a bunch of winners and did a dope recap for each episode of the second season of HBO's Insecure? That was fun. In case you missed it, as watch for the first time or rewatch to relive all of Kelli's best moments, here are eight hella awesome walks down Memory Lane past Issa's awkwardness, through Molly's messiness, around Lawrence's aimlessness, alongside everybody's poor choices. It's a party. 

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An Extraordinary Recap: Insecure - "Hella Great (Season Two Premiere)" (Feat. Tonja Renee Stidhum)

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In our inaugural episode of An Extraordinary Recap, we're joined by writer/director, "Wing Chick" series creator, and Cinema Bun Podcast co-host Tonja Renee Stidhum to dissect the season premiere of HBO's "Insecure". Best Buy shirts sold separately.

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An Extraordinary Recap: Insecure - "Hella Questions" (Feat. Monique Judge of The Root)

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In latest installment of An Extraordinary Recap, we're joined by your favorite writer's favorite writer, the illustrious Monique Judge of The Root to discuss the ongoings of the second episode of the second season of HBO's Insecure, "Hella Questions." 

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An Extraordinary Recap: Insecure - "Hella Open" (Feat. Evette Dionne Brown of Bitch Media)

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In latest installment of An Extraordinary Recap, we're joined by White Feminism's archenemy Evette Dionne Brown of Bitch Media to discuss the ongoings of the third episode of the second season of HBO's Insecure, "Hella Open." 

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An Extraordinary Recap: Insecure - "Hella LA" (Feat. Panama Jackson of Very Smart Brothas & Law Ware)

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In the latest installment of An Extraordinary Recap, we're joined by our beige brother from another Panama Jackson of Very Smart Brothas and writing ass writer Law Ware to discuss the latest and greatest in of the fourth episode of season two of HBO's Insecure, "Hella LA." 

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An Extraordinary Recap: Insecure - "Hella Shook" (Feat. George M. Johnson)

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In the latest installment of An Extraordinary Recap, we're joined by Broadway Black Managing Editor and chicken fried scribe George M. Johnson to discuss the latest and greatest in of the fifth episode of the second season of HBO's Insecure, "Hella Shook."

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An Extraordinary Recap: Insecure - "Hella Blows" (Feat. Dr. Joy Harden Bradford of Therapy For Black Girls)

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With so much to unpack in this episode, we felt it was only right to bring in a therapist. So thankfully, Dr. Joy Harden Bradford of Therapy For Black Girls was up for the job. We dissect Molly's comfortability with the uncharted territory of an open relationship, Issa's "hocation" possibly meeting its abrupt end, and did Lawrence just realize he's an Affirmative Action hire? Like we said, it's a lot. So enjoy our recap.

More Dr. Joy: Therapy For Black Girls | Twitter 

An Extraordinary Recap: Insecure - "Hella Disrespectful" (Feat. The Brown Liquor Report)

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With all the chaos and turmoil in this episode, you might need a drink or a seven. But since we're fresh out of bartenders, we brought along our extended fam DJ BlackShah, The Count, Jas Hands, and B. Fierce, better known as The Brown Liquor Report, to help us drink away the pain. So pour yourself something to drink and partake in our latest "Insecure" recap.

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An Extraordinary Recap: Insecure - "Hella Perspective" (Feat. Dr. Joy Harden Bradford of Therapy For Black Girls & Law Ware)

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The season finale hath finally arrived. And to celebrate this momentous occasion, we brought back fan favorites Dr. Joy Harden Bradford of Therapy for Black Girls and philosopher/writing ass writer Law Ware for the ride. So enjoy as Law breaks down the anatomy of a sidekick, Jay fails miserably at recognizing closure, Dr. Joy considers exes imaginary friends, and Alex is a proponent of gratuitous sex.

More Dr. Joy: Therapy For Black Girls | Twitter 

More Law: Twitter | Writings at Very Smart Brothas | Writings at HuffPo

That time Alex stopped by ESSENCE for a discussion on talking to white people about race

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The fine folks at Essence invited on to discuss the inherent challenges in engaging in conversations about race with White people alongside ESSENCE's Christina Coleman, Jezebel's Rich Juzwiak, and Daveen Trentman co-founder and Production Director of the Soze Agency. Shoutout to host Makho Ndlovu and the ESSENCE team.

Mental Health Monday #28: How suicide affects surviving siblings, Joe Budden on mental health in rap, etc.

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Good day, best friend. Welcome to another round of Mental Health Monday, your weekly dose of stories, resources, and motivation for your everyday life. On last week's edition, writerly Wonder Woman and co-host of the Cinema Bun Podcast opened up about why Lion King brings her joy, how her creative pursuits impact her mental health, and the importance of a solid support system. Have a gander

Today, Joe Budden had a moment while discussing mental health in rap after watching Styles P from The Lox discuss his daughter's suicide, a story from a woman who broke up with her white therapist, the effects of suicide on surviving siblings, and more. 


"Instead of Killing Myself, I Called a Suicide Hotline" by Joel Leon [Medium]

 She asks your name and she tells you hers and you hope she knows she saved your life, that all that was needed was someone to not want from you, to not want to take anything from you; not to demand or question you or your thoughts or your actions; only giving, only offering, only loving.

"After A Suicide, Sibling Survivors Are Often Overlooked" by Cheryl Platzman Weinstock [NPR]

Until recently, these survivors often fell under the radar. They were overlooked in medical research, and no one understood what they were going through or how to support them. But, according to several studies of survivors, those who lose a sibling to suicide, especially one of the same sex or close in age, have more serious mood disorders and thoughts of suicide themselves than survivors who lose a sibling for any other reason.

"Why I Left My White Therapist" by Chaya Babu [Tonic]

"So how does it feel talking about this with me, a white woman?" Rachel* asked, catching me a little off guard.

It was the end of our session, and she sat perched on the edge of her chair, signaling that our 45 minutes was wrapping up, which I usually gleaned from her glances at the clock. By "this," she meant my increasing sense of chronic fear as a woman of color in Trump's America.

On her podcast "Talking Off The Couch," Dallas, TX-based Licensed Professional Counselor Tatiana Smith discusses the violence in Charlottesville and keeping it together in its wake. 

"Filmmaker Elyse Fox Launched Sad Girls Club to Give Women a Space for Mental Health Support" by Corrina Allen

“A life with depression is my ‘norm,’” explains Fox. “I would describe my time with it as a journey of confusion and ups and downs. Thankfully, I think I’ve somewhat locked down what my ‘depression cycle’ looks like. I don’t really focus on the negative stigma, but it was something that made it difficult for me to speak out about. I’ve learned to live openly and focus on how to love every part of myself.”

"8 Online Alternatives That Are Cheaper Than Traditional In-Person Therapy" by Gretchen Hintze [Mighty]

According to therapist listing site, most therapists charge between $75 to $150 per session with some charging as much as $200. Since most therapists recommend you see them once a week, therapy, while worth it, can quickly get expensive, ranging from $300 to $600 per month — although the cost may be less if you have insurance.

But luckily, a growing number of online platforms offer therapy that can be more affordable and just as affective for people looking for someone to talk to.

"Constant Anxiety Won't Save the World" by Julie Beck [The Atlantic]

Studies show that anxiety can interfere with decision-making and working memory. “Excessive worry can lead to fatigue, lack of concentration, and muscle tightness,” Woodruff says. “The interesting thing is the fatigue and lack of concentration are the opposite of what people are trying to promote when they’re advocating for vigilance.”

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"I Have Depression. I Am Not Ashamed"

Want to share your mental health story? Have some thoughts on self-care, trauma, therapy, or anything else concerning mental and emotional wellness? Send it our way!

Mental Health Monday #27: Tonja Renée Stidhum on Lion King standom, the joy of creating, and power of a support system

they’re always there for me when I’m feeling insecure, when I get that impostor syndrome and am like, “I’m in this room and shouldn’t be here.” They’re like, “Yes, bitch, you should.”

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