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Alex's latest for Saint Heron, "Black In The Day: Women's History Month Edition"

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Greetings. In his latest installment of his Black In the Day series for Saint Heron, Alex reflected on some of the ways womenfolk have made this world a less shitty place. 

"Welcome to Black In The Day, your monthly-ish serving of yesteryear’s magical, inimitable and unforgettable Blackety Blackness courtesy of Alexander Hardy.

With Women’s History Month coming to a close, on top of preserving our strength for an onslaught of April Foolery and tacky Easter looks, it’s important to gather to Hallelujah and Heel-toe in jubilation as thanks for all that womenfolk have done to make this swampdonkey-electing society less terrible while facing institutional hateration and structural inequality in the dancerie."

Read the rest over at Saint Heron.

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