The Glow Photo Series is celebrating women of all ages, body types, complexions, and abilities


Chanel Jaali is a mental health professional, entrepreneur and both a visual and performance artist. Her goal is to create art that uplifts. When she isn’t capturing images, she is teaching sex ed through her business Jaali Co., or crocheting fashion items through her shop, FAMEousJ. Her photography work can be found on Instagram (@chaneljaaliphotography), and on Facebook at Chanel Jaali Photography.

What is the Glow Photo Series and what inspired its creation? 

Glow Photo Series is a traveling project aimed to highlight the beauty and strength that naturally occurs in Black and Brown women. I choose a city, date, and color and ask women to come how they feel beautiful! I wanted to create something that I wasn't seeing, and uplift others in the process. 


What's the message behind the Glow Photo Series?

I wanted to shift what is perceived as the "standard of beauty". I feel like we are always told that we aren't ______ enough. Alternative facts! Glow Photo Series includes women of all ages, body types, hair textures, complexions, and abilities. Everyone deserves to be represented. I also wanted to portray sisterhood and unity among women of color, hence the color theme for each session. 

Which shoot has been your favorite and why?

Favorite? I can't choose! Each session has been so different, but each one has been filled with such beautiful energy. I will say that I especially appreciated the ladies who stuck around to capture the shots in the White and Blue sessions. It stormed on both days, but we stuck it out and the photos ended up being great!


How can women get involved in the future and what are some of the cities on your radar for the next glow up? 

Women can get involved by following the Instagram page @glowphotoseries. They can request to join the Facebook group, Glow Photo Series, to get full details and updates. Upcoming cities include Baltimore and New Orleans. I have many requests for Dallas and Philly, so I may make those happen! 

Will the photo series develop into something bigger? 

That's my hope! I'm working on garnering sponsorship and of course expanding the series to more cities nationally and eventually, internationally. I'm also hoping to get some recognized faces that have influenced me involved in the series. I have a few other ideas that I'm working on as well!


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