Extraordinary Women Making History: Emma González’s Memorable Moments as the Face of a Movement


In the face of inexplicable tragedy, Parkland shooting survivor Emma González’s refusal to succumb to victimhood has upset the status quo. Emma's voracious appetite for gun reform has propelled her into the role of antagonist to legislators and an inspiration to our embattled youth.

As we collectively bear witness to this teenager’s evolution, from an ambivalent high school senior to an Extraordinary Woman Making History, here are some of her most memorable moments since being thrust into the public eye:

On The Ellen DeGeneres Show: "I knew I would get my job done properly at that rally if I got people chanting something.”

Emma confronts Dana Loesch, spokeswoman for the NRA and resident Wicked Witch of The West.

Emma delivers a soul-stirring speech at the March for Our Lives rally.

To learn more about Emma and Never Again MSD, the gun control initiative she co-founded with fellow Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students, click here.


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