Extraordinary Women Making History: Darian Harvin, The Modern Day Renaissance Woman That is Focused on Journalism, Content Curation, and Everything We Can Like About Life via Podcasting

Photo Credit: Laurent Chevalier

Photo Credit: Laurent Chevalier

What Darian Harvin has accomplished in the last five years, has taken some people a lifetime to achieve. This isn’t about comparison but a means of reflection for us to acknowledge what unstoppable ambition looks like when a woman has the drive, space, and confidence to grow. As we honor women of the past who have been the contributors, pioneers, innovators, connectors, and creatives, it’s important to acknowledge the women currently adding to history.

Our featured woman for the #ExtraordinaryWomenMakingHistory started gaining experience in broadcast journalism as an intern for her local news station in Buffalo, NY and then NBC News. She learned how to incorporate art direction into her journalism while interning at Parkwood Entertainment. With these skills, Darian was able to secure positions that involved coordinating, producing, editing, and curating with Dateline NBC, HRDCVR, Yahoo’s News Digest, and Buzzfeed, respectively.

There’s a belief that everything we’ve done in life has led us exactly to where we are today, and this is true for Darian. The vast amount of knowledge and experience she’s acquired has led her to the creation of her podcast, Am I Allowed to Like Anything? Through this social medium, she interviews thought leaders on what they are loving in culture and how they maintain their optimism in a world that seems more interested in what everyone hates. Darian has garnered enough attention to be asked to moderate panels, speak at conferences, and be considered a consultant on today's culture. She was recently invited out to SXSW 2018, as one of the Entertainment Influencers, and successfully did a live taping for an episode of Am I Allowed to Like Anything? While being constantly submerged in a culture that morphs on a daily basis, she’s in a position to attain even more success for her budding media company, The Seam.

In addition to all the above, Darian shares her seemingly unlimited supply of contagious, vibrant energy with her audience across her social media. From her recent relocation (NY-->LA) to skin care tips that involve more than drinking water and minding her own business, down to dining with friends and parents visiting, she’s someone you can’t help but want to watch. Darian has created an even broader definition of what it means to be today’s Renaissance Woman. This alone, makes her extraordinary.

To keep up with Darian on social media, she can be found on Instagram and Twitter. Check out Am I Allowed to Like Anything? by listening to one of her favorite episodes below.

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