The Afterparty

The Afterparty: "Welcome To Wakanda" (Feat. Law Ware)

Are you looking forward to Black Panther, but have no idea what the hell it's even about because you never read the comic book? Don't worry. We got you. Before Chadwick Boseman and company obliterate the box office, we're putting you up on everything you need to know prior to watching the movie. We break down the mythology of the Black Panther, the cultural signficance of Wakanda, who his cast of supporting characters are, what we're most looking forward to, and how the first big budget predominantly Black feature film has the potential to transform the entertainment industry.

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She's Gotta Have It (feat. Synitta Walker and Shamira Ibrahim of Very Smart Brothas)

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With The Internets abuzz after the debut of Spike Lee's update on his 1986 feature film debut, She's Gotta Have It, we felt it was only right to assemble the homies to discuss the show's portrayal of modern love in gentrified Brooklyn. We're joined by writer and Editor-In-Chief of Synitta Walker and Shamira Ibrahim, contributor to Very Smart Brothas, Washington Post, and other outlets, to unpack the Netflix series, whether its take on sexuality and polyamory reflect dating in the 2000 and the 17, challenges in writing Millennial television characters, and healthy ways to juggle lovers.

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An Extraordinary Thanksgiving Dinner Draft (Feat. Law Ware)

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If you thought fantasy football was serious, imagine replacing the NFL players in with your Thanksgiving menu. Which is exactly what the hell our hungry asses did. But did your Grandma's legendary mac and cheese make the cut? There's only one way to find out. Itis should separately.

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The Afterparty: "2017 BET Awards"

There was an awards show last night? Oh. We just thought it was a New Edition concert. Regardless, listen to our thoughts on the 2017 BET Awards.

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The Afterparty: "More Black Daddy Chronicles" (Feat. Nick Gaines)

In our latest installment of The Afterparty we celebrate Father’s Day by exploring the joys, challenges, and perils of Black Daddyhood with your favorite podcaster’s favorite podcaster Nick Gaines. We discuss the importance of expressing vulnerability with our children, improvements we can make as parents, the metamorphosis we underwent as fathers, and why raising children without rhythm should be a criminal offense.

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The Afterparty: "Kendrick Lamar's DAMN."

Kung Fu Kenny is back aaaaaaand so is The Afterparty. Here's our thoughts on his new album.

The Afterparty: "Get Out" (Feat. Fazia Khan)

After stinking up the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards, Jordan Peele attempts to redeem himself with his feature film directorial debut Get Out. And with so much to unpack in this movie, it was only fitting Jay invited the illustrious Fazia Khan along for the ride.

Hear everything else here.

The Afterparty: The 2017 Grammys

In this episode, we opine on what went down at The Grammys. Special shout out to Beyoncé for being kind enough to invite us to her concert.