Nickolas Gaines

The Afterparty: "More Black Daddy Chronicles" (Feat. Nick Gaines)

In our latest installment of The Afterparty we celebrate Father’s Day by exploring the joys, challenges, and perils of Black Daddyhood with your favorite podcaster’s favorite podcaster Nick Gaines. We discuss the importance of expressing vulnerability with our children, improvements we can make as parents, the metamorphosis we underwent as fathers, and why raising children without rhythm should be a criminal offense.

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Once Upon A Live SXSW Episode (Feat. Nick Gaines)

Once upon a time, the good folks at SXSW invited a pair of exuberant, Extraordinary Negroes to Austin in order to record a live episode on their official Live Podcast Stage. So we hopped our Black asses on planes, trains, and automobiles in order to happily oblige. In front of a big ass audience, with our surprise guest Nick Gaines in tow, this is the episode we recorded. And because this moment wouldn't be possible without our faithful listeners, we felt is was only right to share this momentous occasion with each of you. So thanks again to SXSW for the once in a lifetime experience and to the good folks at TuneIn for holding us down during this event!

The Afterparty: The 2017 Grammys

In this episode, we opine on what went down at The Grammys. Special shout out to Beyoncé for being kind enough to invite us to her concert.