A Black Writers Symposium (Feat. Kiese Laymon & Hari Ziyad of RaceBaitR)

In one of our most candid episodes to date, we're joined by the dynamic duo of educator, "Long Division" author, and Southern-fried scribe Kiese Laymon and RaceBaitR's H.N.I.C. Hari Ziyad for our first ever "Black Writers Symposium". We discuss the necessity of the creative spaces they occupy, the delicate balance of selling their artistry while not selling their souls, and the roles and responsibilities of writers within the pursuit of true Black liberation. Additionally, Alex has a thing for Crunch Berries, Jay shops at Gordon Gartrelle, and Amtrak stations ain’t nothing nice.

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Take The Pledge (Feat. Eunique Jones Gibson of Because of Them We Can)

In our new episode we’re joined by author, activist, and photographer Eunique Jones Gibson, the melanated mastermind behind the multi-faceted company “Because of Them We Can”. We discuss the complexities of identity within the African diaspora, the importance of instilling Black pride in our children, the necessity of separating talented individuals from their problematic behavior, and the greatest mac & cheese recipe in the history of modern mankind. Additionally, 1998 doesn't belong in Alex's rear view mirror, Jay is boring as hell, and a can of Pepsi would’ve worked wonders for MLK in Selma.

Episode 14: "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner" (Feat. Tunde Wey)

In this episode, we chop it up with chef Tunde Wey about his revolutionary "Blackness In America" dinner series, some of the challenges he's faced in America as a Nigerian immigrant, what city has the best food, and the inherently destructive nature of patriarchy. Additionally, Alex has nothing but love for Prince, Jay is long overdue for a car bed, and Facebook exile is not for the weak.