Julian Long


...and then there are those nights.

when shame and guilt streak



and wet eyes ask silent questions

you will never know how to answer

Because you cannot stop Time

or slow his march through their body

This disobedient body

that no longer takes orders

from the spirit it housed

that breathes life

into that house.

and haunts it still.

you will not be able to explain

why they look in the mirror and

do not recognize this disobedient


staring back at them with wet questioning eyes.

all you can do

all you can do — is look in their face

and see your own tired reflection

and in that moment you take their hand and say

I know you.

I remember you.

I recognize who you are.

and time slows

for just a moment.

-Julian* ©2017 All Rights Reserved


Julian Long is a Writer, Branding and Marketing Strategist, Voice Actor, Caretaker, and Commitment Coach with roots in NYC and Kentucky. His passion is helping be up to big things. Like all good Southern-raised church boys he loves his God his Mama, his dog and good fried chicken. Not necessarily in that order. More Julian: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook