Friday Five

Friday Five: Jay's Weekend Playlist

Happy Friday! Welcome to our inaugural Friday Five situation, our weekly list of everything from books and chicken recipes to movies, movie recommendations, and whatever else the spirit moves us to share. As you Electric Slide into your weekend, listen to five of Jay's favorite jammy jams, sure to bring joy and purpose to an otherwise humdrum life. You're welcome.

1. A Tribe Called Quest “Dis Generation” (Feat. Busta Rhymes) - A Tribe Called Quest is back. Nuff said. 

2. October London “Black Man In America” - This dude got next. I’m calling it right the fuck now before he blows up and niggas hop their happy, pigmented asses on the bandwagon. If you fuck with 70’s soul, the boy London is right up your alley. A Snoop Dogg and Jazze Pha co-sign don’t hurt either. 

3. Rashad “Slow Jam” - Dude is one of the illest artist/producers out and I find it extremely offensive he isn’t a household name. Check out his albums “Museum” and “The Quiet Loud” and thank me later. I will generously award Rick Ross’ weight in yams and collard greens to whoever can name the sample at 2:24. 

4. Dam-Funk “Missing U” - Because I’m willing a Dam-Funk/Anderson Paak collaboration into fruition and this is the exact type of shit I want to hear Anderson sing over in said forthcoming collaborative EP. Make it happen, ya’ll. We all win. 

5. Mac Miller “Dang!” (Feat. Anderson Paak) - Ice skates are doing triple-axels in Hell ,Trump is president, and pigs have sprouted wings. The rumors are indeed true: I finally found a Mac Miller song I not only can tolerate, but thoroughly enjoy. Everything about this song is perfection. Except, of course, the White guy rapping. So just ignore him and enjoy the rest of the ride. 

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