Extraordinary Q&A

An Extraordinary Q&A With Shaun Neblett, the Founder of a Theater Focused on Changing Perceptions

I wanted to see plays with characters who have a strong sense of self and like themselves and that’s what inspired me to create Changing Perceptions Theater.

An Extraordinary Q&A with HipStory Films, the Production Company Tackling Mental Health as it Relates to Racism

When we remembered the "forgotten," we were able to do something, which was writing the film. It is important to remember the problem so that you can find a solution.

An Extraordinary Q&A with Davien Watkins (Founder of Superpower Enterprises)

Each comic-book publisher has different styles, characters, stories and expectations, nevertheless our fierce authenticity establishes us as a relevant creator-owned publisher with a library of modern era intellectual properties

An Extraordinary Q&A with Dr. Kami J. Anderson (Bilingual Brown Babies)

I see Bilingual Brown Babies as a movement that has upswelled to meet-ups in Spanish-speaking countries engaging with Spanish-speaking families within the African Diaspora. I see Bilingual Brown "babies" transitioning to Black Bilinguals and using their language repertoire to interact with the world in ways that support who they are as young people of African descent in this world.