Passport Pimpin' (Feat. Evita Turquoise Robinson of Nomadness Travel Tribe & Darnell Lamont Walker of Passport Required)

In this episode, we're joined by branding/travel expert and Nomadness Travel Tribe founder Evita Turquoise Robinson and filmmaker and Passport Required founder Darnell Lamont Walker to discuss the keys to branding your business, the challenges of maintaining a self-care regimen despite a rigorous travel schedule, and what it was like to swag surf on the White House lawn before Cheeto-In-Chief took office. Additionally, Alex doesn't believe in generosity at award shows, Jay is gonna miss Tiffany Haddish doing free shows all the time in LA, and Tommy from Martin got a job before Colin Kaepernick did. 

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Episode 9: “Explore, Embrace, & Empower” (Feat. Kent Johnson & Eric Martin of Black & Abroad)

In our latest Blackstravaganza, we invited Black & Abroad co-founders Kent Johnson and Eric Martin on to discuss how they transformed their passion for international travel into a thriving clothing brand and cultural collective, how they use their use their platform to give back to our communities, some of their memorable experiences abroad, and the eerie resemblance between Kent and Omarion. Additionally, Jay spends way too much money on Supras and Alex adores carrots.

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Episode 4: "Make Yourself At Home" (feat. Zakiyyah Myers and Rohan Gilkes of Innclusive)

In this episode, we chop it up with Innclusive co-founders Zakiyyah Myers and Rohan Gilkes, who transformed their own #AirbnbWhileBlack debacle into a company that prides itself on providing international travel accommodations free of discriminatory behavior. We also discuss D’Angelo’s peculiar absence at The BET Awards, the inherent challenges of being a Black business owner, and Zakiyyah dishes on some of her favorite travel destinations.

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