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Rebel Yellow (Feat. Ranier Maningding of Love Life of An Asian Guy)

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In one of our most insightful interviews to date, we chop it up with NextShark Editor-at-Large Ranier Maningding, better known as the man behind the social media phenom The Love Life of An Asian Guy. He dishes on how nearly every marginalized group adheres to the civil rights blueprints that Black people created, the responsibilities and loneliness that come with helming one of the only Asian-American platforms of its scale, how media whitewashing has impacted how Asian-Americans self-identify, how Black and Asian communities have been pitted against each other, and the complicated legacy of George Tekai's activism. Additionally, Jay is a sore loser, Alex is afraid of goblins, and Elaine Victoria can sing her entire ass off. Intro courtesy of @ElaineVictoria

More Ranier: NextShark | Ted Talk: "Social Activism is the New Civil Rights Movement"

Love Life of an Asian Guy

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