here's how to Contribute to the extraordinary negroes. 


Thank you for your interest in contributing to The Extraordinary Negroes. We are open to pitches and submissions of all types, from short blogs, essays, documentaries, or prose, to poetry, short stories, short films, and opinion pieces. Provided you've taken a moment to familiarize yourself with what goes on here (please do that if you haven't), we don't yet have a strict list of Unpublishable Topics. Naturally, there won't be any pro-coleslaw propaganda in this dancerie. Other than that, shoot your shot. We are looking for clearly articulated ideas from dynamic, strong voices. Go forth and be great.

A few points on pitching:

  • Please do not attach and send completed pieces. Tell us who the hell you are, what your idea is, and what your piece will be about. And: when you believe you can (realistically) turn it in.

  • If you have links to examples of your work, feel free to include a few.

  • Don't feel pressured to alter your voice or style to write like anyone on this site (or anywhere).

  • Please do not send a link to your website and suggest we go digging for content to publish.

  • If you were thinking about pasting a 1950-word situation in an email and pressing send, please reconsider. We beseech thee, please see the first point.

  • Brevity is your friend.

  • Please include either pitch or submission in your email.

  • We can't do much with your mixtape.

If interested in contributing to, collaborating with, sponsoring, or hiring The Extraordinary Negroes, you may use the contact form below or email us at

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